Make a request for return or replacement of the goods

·         * Make registered A / R (see Article 5.5 RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL in the Conditions)

· * By entering: Number and date of order and its own header-

· * Reason "Make / change goods"

· * Send the request

Following your request, our office will reply to the same means to confirm any acceptance or rejection of the same. In case of acceptance the email will report the approval number and attached you will find in addition to the instructions the coupon to fill out and apply to the package to be sent. Parcels that do not present the properly completed coupon will be rejected.


· The request for Return / exchange goods must be made exclusively to the email address above.

· Remember that you have 8 days from the date of receipt of the package to make the request and 5 days from our acceptance to send the material to our Italian office.

· The shipping costs for the return or change of material are charged to the customer.

· DO NOT send the material before having received the acceptance email containing the instructions and the approval number of the request to be used for completing the coupon that must be applied to the package.

· The material must be packaged in the original packaging and carefully closed.

Once the parcel has been sent to our office, the integrity of the material must be checked before proceeding with the management of the return / exchange of goods. The return or exchange of goods is not carried out for articles produced. (type of road signs, illuminated displays, photovoltaic street lamps, etc.)